Here at Complete Mailings we take our data policies very seriously. Our full data policies and disclaimers are available upon request but we outline the key points below...

Data supplied to us for use with any project is stored securely on our server for a limited time only. Supplied data is digitally destroyed one month following the completion of any project, unless requested otherwise by the data owner. 

Data supplied to us is never passed on to any third-party or external company or individual, unless requested by the data owner, or when particular additional data-related services are required that cannot be performed by us and only once permission has been received from the data owner.

Internally only authorised personnel can access and view customer supplied data files for the purpose of the tasks they are required to carry out.

If need be, we have official disclaimer forms that can be signed by both us and our customers, to further cement the understanding that when we receive data we have entered into a legally binding agreement whereby we will only work with the data in the manner agreed with the data owner at the start of the project, and for no other purpose.

Complete Mailings strictly adheres to the Data Protection Act 1998 and is officially registered under the Data Protection Register as controlled by the Information Commissioner's Office: Registration Number: Z1338645.